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    Owners residential and non-residential realestate often express a desire to make any changes in room. From, what degree and character have such changes, approach to them will be different. If owner wishes do simple reconstruct, our company offers you their services. Reconstruct­ serious business, which not worth trust not a professional. In thisvery many nuances on which depends convenience use rooms and, which is important, safety. Interior should answer practical needs. Solutions our planner, with a modern look on reconstruct, worthy will combine style and functionality premises. In the sphere construction reconstruction buildings, structures, structures, buildings occupies a special place. Reconstruct buildings when necessary in cases - for instance, when customer wants change functional assignment buildings Reconstruct plants to office centers, or when the building became useless or morally obsolete , and also in many others situations , when required change configurations and sizes buildings , redevelopment of the building, reconstruction of the building, superstructure floors, additional extension, and etc.

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